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Let us read Hebrews 10:1-39 for 7 times before we cast the first stone


Reminder of sins

In the old covenant there was a perpetual reminder of sins. why?

” it is impossible for the blood of
  bulls and goats to take away sins
  – 10:4

even after Jesus shed blood, died & resurrected, most Jews would not still believe at the full forgiveness of sins that Christ has offered. well, how can anyone just move away from a thousand year old practice? it is what they grew up with. their ancestors taught them Moses law. how dare you replace the Law! God gave us the Law!

see the point why people are angry at grace preachers? grace obsoletes the Law in terms of justification and forgiveness of sins

But now Christ has done a finished work. so therefore THERE IS NO MORE CONCIOUSNESS OF SINS

” the ones who worship, having
  been purified once and for all,
  would no longer have any
  consciousness of sins

  – 10:2

Were you not purified once and for all when you received Christ? do you confess your sins every day? as if a priestly performing his duty on offering sacrifice for sin day after day? stop it! you are already pure and purified once and for all



Christ died for all time – Past, Present & Future

Blood of bulls and goats

continuous offering of sacrifices

* note the time ‘year by year


” never able year by year by
  means of the same sacrifices
  which they offer ”
  – 10:1

” But in them there is a
  reminder of sins year by year
  – 10:3

* note the time ‘every day‘ intensified by ‘many times’


” And every priest stands every
  day serving and offering the
  same sacrifices many times
  – 10:11


The eternal blood of Christ

the eternal blood of Christ offered once and for all

” we are made holy through the
  offering of the body of
  Jesus Christ once for all
  – 10:10

” after he had offered one
  sacrifice for sins for all time
  – 10:12

once and for all time. which time? day after day, year after year. all time. it includes the ‘us’ the future.all sins forgiven – Past, Present & Future



We are Perfectly Perfect

Are you not perfect before God? You are perfect for all time, every time!

” For by one offering he has
  perfected for all time those
  who are made holy ”
  – 10:14

Once perfected by the blood of Christ and forgiven, there is no need for further sacrifices

” Now where there is forgiveness
  of these, there is no longer
  an offering for sin
  – 10:18

Where is now, sin consciousness? gone. not only that, we are made a new creation.

all sins forgiven. Past, Present & Future



Evil Conscience

What about evil conscience?

” Therefore, brothers, since
  we have confidence for the
  entrance into the sanctuary
  by the blood of Jesus ”
  – 10:19

  • what ‘confidence‘ is that? the confidence that we are purified of all sins and all sins are taken away and that no more sin consciousness

” since we have a great priest
  over the house of God, let us
  approach with a true heart in
  the full assurance of faith,
  our hearts sprinkled clean
  from an evil conscience
  – 10:21-22


  • what ‘full assurance of faith‘ is that? the full assurance of faith that we are purified of all sins and all sins are taken away and that no more sin consciousness

– sin consciousness resides in the conscience.
– good conscience means no more sin consciousness .
– evil conscience means sin consciousness .

the conscience tells which is good and which is evil. we’ve got that all the way from Adam. remember the ‘fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil’


an evil conscience is the one that reminds you of sins

whereas God proclaims
      ‘ Their sins and lawless
        acts I will remember no more
        – 10:17

      ‘ For I will forgive their
        wickedness and will remember
        their sins no more
        – 8:12

  • the conscience that reminds us of sins is the same conscience that told Adam to cover themselves with the ‘fig leaf‘ – self righteousness. you know what Jesus curse the fig tree? 
  • the conscience will remain with us until the day we die. unless a person is informed and believes that Christ has shed blood for the forgiveness of sins, there is no real peace in the conscience
  • the conscience is not of heaven. the conscience is of earth’s. but the Holy Spirit is of heaven, of God, is God, and received by hearing of faith and not by obedience to the Law (galatians 3:2). we are sealed by the Holy Spirit until the day of redemption (ephesians 1:13). mind you, we aren’t sealed with our conscience
  • the conscience is weak. it cannot convict of righteousness nor does it make one righteous. knowing morality or the Law does not make one righteous or good


Apart from the Holy Spirit, there is no one to remind us of righteousness

when the conscience is sin conscious, it is an evil conscience. but the Holy Spirit reminds us our sins has been forgiven and that we are purified of all sins. God declares us righteous for all time!



New creation & the New covenant

Are you not a new creation? of which covenant do you belong? is your mind still on the old? renew your mind. change your mind (repent)

The new covenant does not remind of sins

” I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel
  and with the house of Judah ….
  I will forgive their iniquity, and

  their sin I will remember no more
  – Jeremiah 31:31-34




– grace and peace