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Come on. let us not be self righteous. most our sins are willful. why do we ignore small sins, as if there are weight classes? why do treat sins committed un-willfully, as if they are forgiven automatically and the willfully committed as if not forgiven at all?

but don’t despair. all our sins are all forgiven

what about ‘sinning willfully’ mentioned in the bible?

” For if we go on sinning willfully
after receiving the knowledge
of the truth, there no longer remains
a sacrifice for sins

– Hebrews 10:26

see! it says ‘there no longer remains a sacrifice for sin’. we are doom!

now hold on. the holy Spirit also says beforehand, no more sacrifice because sins are forgiven. sins for all time. all sins.

” our High Priest offered himself
  to God as a single sacrifice for sins,
  good for all time
  – Hebrews 10:12

” And when sins have been forgiven,
  there is no need to offer any more sacrifices
  – Hebrews 10:18


so, are we going to conclude that – if our sin is not willfully committed, then there remains a sacrifice to be offered? hmmm. not really.

my friend, the truth is that there are no more sacrifices for sins because all our sins, for all time has been forgiven (hebrews 10:18)

the old ways of sin sacrifices and the atonement for sins are now gone. does your church offer blood of bulls and goats for the forgiveness of sin? no way!

it does not even make sense to ask if your church does animal sacrifices. well that’s because the book of Hebrews was written to the Hebrews, Jews. not for gentiles. we are reading a letter address to them and we are learning from their letter. the Jews understood blood language, we gentiles have to learn it.

before Christ offered His blood, in the old covenant a Jew goes to a priest for sin offering. the priest day after day, year after year performs that duty faithfully. if the sacrifice is a success, sins are covered and the people blessed. if the sacrifice is rejected by God, then the sins of the people are not covered. the guilt remains and fear.

sins during those times are not really forgiven. the sins are covered by blood – atonement. God pass over their sins

the old covenant sacrifices were shadows of what Christ is going to do at the cross. the sins in the past committed has been carried over to the blood of Jesus at the cross and also for us in the future.

now that Christ has offered His eternal blood for the forgiveness of sin for all time, the old practice of bulls and goat offering is made obsolete. it is rendered useless. ineffective & void. Christ blood speaks much better forgiveness

therefore, if a Jew rejects the blood of Jesus for the forgiveness of sins, what sacrifices can they perform that will be acceptable to God? none. because its already obsolete. then the sins are not forgiven. what to expect is judgment. what a terrible thing.

did I said Jew? yes. because that command was given to the them. that means to qualify to willful sinning, one must be a Jew. got it?



What is sinning willfully ?

Sinning willfully is rejecting the blood of Jesus

” How much more severely do you
  think a man deserves to be
  punished who has trampled the
  Son of God under foot, who has
  treated as an unholy thing
  the blood of the covenant
  that sanctified him, and who has
  insulted the Spirit of grace? “
– Hebrews 10:29

tell me. have you rejected the blood of Jesus? have you even made the blood of Jesus a common thing? I doubt you ever did. never!

the forgiveness of sins is available to all, and for all time. believers and unbelievers. the living and to those of the present and of the future.

” The Holy Spirit will convict
  the world concerning sin …
  concerning sin, because they do not believe in Jesus
  – John 16:8

the sin of unbelief in Jesus. unbelief that Jesus took away all their sins

therefore only those who believes in Jesus are effected by the forgiveness. those whom God declares forth ‘righteous’. they are the righteous who lives by faith

” But my righteous one will live by faith.
  And if he shrinks back,
  I will not be pleased with him “
  – Hebrews 10:38

will you shrink back to the Law or go back to the Law for the forgiveness of your sins? may it never be! no way!

those who goes back to the Law are the ones who fall from grace. falling from grace means going back to the Law

Christ is become of no effect
  unto you, whosoever of you are
  justified by the law;
  ye are fallen from grace
– Galatians 5:4

but we are not among those who shrinks back to the Law or those who falls from grace

” but we are not of those who
  shrink back and are destroyed,
  but of those who believe and are saved “
  – Hebrews 10:39


I encourage you who have began in faith to continue in faith to faith

” the righteousness of God is revealed
  from faith for faith, as it is written,
  “The righteous shall live by faith.” “
– Romans 1:17



– grace and peace