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Amazing work how sweet the sound

– how sweet and awesome the works of Jesus
– Christ completed the work. He uttered “It is Finish”
– Jesus carried the Cross for you, so that you will not carry it
– God worked 6 days so that on the 7th day you enjoy His work


That saved a wretch like me

– in every area of our lives, God saves us
– yes, salvation is eternal
– and salvation is also now!
– lost a job? Jesus finds for you. He provides
– in financial debt? Jesus pays for you. He redeems
– sick? Jesus is healing himself.
– in poverty? lack? Jesus supplies!


I once was lost and now I see

– I though of grace a license to sin. now I see, Grace is the reason I live!
– Grace is a doctrine, but NO! now I see, Grace is a person. Jesus!
– the only way is Jesus, do you see it?
– when there’s no hope. Behold, Jesus is there, in you.
– when there’s no way. Behold, Jesus is there, inside you.


once blind and now I’m found

– religion blurred my eyes, then blinded me.
– religion says “God remembers your sins”
– but God found me. for in His infinite sight, He sees His children
– you are found, for you are blind, lost and wandering in the wilderness
– Do you see the Prodigal Father? or the Prodigal son?
– now I see clearly. “God remembers my sins no more”


Who’s Amazing work is it? Jesus!

Who’s work is Salvation? Jesus!

Who said “it is finished”? Jesus!




Rest in the amazing and finish work of Christ, for it is the 7th day